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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Online tools to reach and connect your customers.
Discover why thousands of churches, organizations and businesses use our products to communicate online.
Grow your online business without additional staff.
Everything you need to develop a thriving online website - including designs, easy Web-based tools, plus our ego-boosting customer service to help you along the way. Starting at $19.95 a month.

Simplify your work.

Technology can make your business move faster or cripple it. Connect pulls together all the technology needed in one place to communicate with your market and your customers. Imagine that, one Web-based application to manage communication with your prospects and customers.

Stay in touch - easier.

Use the collaborative tools in Connect to segment your customers and easily offer them the information they need. For example, prospects may want to know how your product works, while existing customers may need details about maintenance. Set up these segments once, and stay in touch easier - with relevant information.

Attract loyal customers.

Connect follows search engine guidelines to help your site be found by prospects across all major search engines. With unlimited Web pages, content scheduling, blogs, segmentation, shopping carts and other tools, you can be sure you keep them there with up-to-date and relevant information.

Track your progress.

Google Analytics is integrated so you can see where visitors found you and what they were most intersted in. In addition, polls and online forms allow you to record visitors opinions and thoughts while on your site. This important data helps you improve your online experience, sales and customer service.
Google Analytics is a trademark of Google. The use of Google Analytics in Connect requires a free account be set up with Google.

Who uses Connect?

Connect is a good fit for small to medium businesses - whether you’re selling a service, product or both.

Try It. No fees. No cards.

Try any Connect business website building plan free for 30 days without a credit card. If it’s not for you, no harm done. If you like it, upgrade, keep all your work, and launch your new website at any time. Start free.
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Get Started
Getting Started is easy.

Choose a plan.

Start with what you know you'll use immediately. You can upgrade and add more features later.

Instantly log in.

You'll receive log in instructions via email when you order. Just follow the steps in the email.

Choose a design.

Browse through professional designs and themes or have your designer create your own. Find one you like, click, save and it's ready.

Build a Web page.

Add text and photos to your home page. If needed, use the Help manual to get a start with the tools.

Get search friendly.

Enter keywords and descriptions so search engines send visitors to your website.
Purchase and manage your web/blog domain names.
Web Sites
Try, purchase or manage your Connect Web site.
Purchase or check email. Access email marketing.
Improve your web skills. Master the tools we offer.