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Friday, February 23, 2024
Online tools to reach and connect your customers.
Discover why thousands of churches, organizations and businesses use our products to communicate online.
Moving Ministry
Create and manage an incredible ministry presence on the Web.
Starting at $19 a month.

Made for ministry.

E-zekiel was developed specifically for Ministry use. So from the included Web designs to the tools available and even how the tools work, it's made to flow with ministry. For example, group tools are great for enabling Sunday School classes a place to share online - within the Church website.

Easy Sharing.

At the core, E-zekiel is about sharing your message. From the basics like Web pages, blogs, and photo albums - through audio and video sharing, content sharing, and publishing of volunteer projects to HelpRoot - E-zekiel easily helps you reach your members and community.

Built for growth.

Start with a plan that meets your needs. E-zekiel is built for growth, so as you're ready for new features, add staff, or need more robust tools - you can upgrade at any time at no cost.

Ego-boosting service.

Our customer service team in Birmingham, Alabama, is available by phone and email during business hours. You can also get help anytime online through our online support site and knowledge base.

What's E-zekiel?

E-zekiel is more than Web hosting or even a website builder. It's a ministry solution to communication on the Web.

Try It. No credit card.

Try an E-zekiel plan free for 30 days without a credit card and with no commitment. If it's not for you, no harm done. If you like it, upgrade, keep all your work and launch your new site at any time. Start free.
Get Started
Getting Started is easy.

Choose a plan.

Start with what you know you'll use immediately. You can upgrade and add more features later.

Instantly log in.

You'll receive log in instructions via email when you order. Just follow the steps in the email.

Choose a design.

Browse through ministry centric designs and themes or have your designer create your own. Find one you like, click, save and it's ready.

Build a Web page.

Add text and photos to your home page. If needed, use the Help manual to get a start with the tools.

Get search friendly.

Enter keywords and descriptions so search engines send visitors to your website.
Purchase and manage your web/blog domain names.
Web Sites
Try, purchase or manage your Connect Web site.
Purchase or check email. Access email marketing.
Improve your web skills. Master the tools we offer.