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Axletree Media Announces Thrive – A New Publishing Platform for Churches

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (January 2, 2013) — Thrive, an innovative publishing platform for churches, has been released by Axletree Media.
Built from the ground up for modern church communication, Thrive simplifies the creation and delivery of messages to church members and communities – over multiple devices, platforms and mediums. It eases the process for communications that drive involvement, build recognition and create awareness for a church’s mission.
The release builds on the company’s decade of online church communication experience and knowledge of technical best practices for websites.
“When concepting and developing Thrive, we blended what we know churches need to communicate in today’s technology-oriented world with opportunities to help churches watermark their purpose into the branding and communications processes across both digital and traditional mediums,” said Bill Nix, Axletree’s president and CEO. “Thrive, an all-encompassing publishing platform developed specifically for ministry, is a place where churches can do this –  all online and in one place.”  
Thrive offers clients a design theme of their choosing, tailored to their own mission and vision, or the incorporation of a full custom brand. With the theme and branding elements in place, every message reinforces a cohesive identity across the web, social sites, email, and print materials. Churches can create, schedule and publish and post messages across multiple mediums – all online within Thrive.
In addition, church members receive relevant messages by selecting the areas they're interested in. They also select their preferences on receiving e-mails and text messages, which prevents the perception that a church is spamming their members.
Churches can also measure and intelligently adjust their communications along the way based on information received from built-in and third-party analytics. And they’ll have help along the way. Axletree Media has made a commitment to provide launch coaching and ongoing support to help church clients make the most of their communication efforts.
To learn how Thrive enables churches to have real-time connections and branded communications with members in a mobile and social world, visit or call 877-241-0540.
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